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Note!!! Before setup a VPN Connection to You must create a account. Pleace click Sign Up, if you don`t have a BGVPN account.

Now You can use our service by creating a VPN connection with following atributes:
  • Destination Name - BGVPN (or what you like)
  • User name - Your e-mail typed in registration form
  • Password - Password typed in registration form
  • Internet Address (VPN Server) - Look at table below:
Bulgaria-1 PPTP VPN
server: bgvpn.netserver IP:
Bulgaria-2 PPTP VPN
server: bg5.bgvpn.netserver IP:
server: uk.bgvpn.netserver IP:
server: usa.bgvpn.netserver IP:
server: usa2.bgvpn.netserver IP:
NL-1(Amsterdam) PPTP VPN
server: nl.bgvpn.netserver IP:

How to connect iPhone to VPN server

How to setup BGVPN on MacOS Leopard

How to setup BGVPN on Windows XP

How to setup BGVPN on Windows Vista

How to set up a PPTP VPN on Ubuntu / LinuxMint -

Or other Quick method: .
  • Download our connection tool BGVPN.pbk - v.11 23/06/2011
  • Save the file to your desktop. (DO NOT OPEN IT DIRECTLY !!!!!
  • Run a BGVPN.pbk file from saved location and click 'Connect...'
  • In opened window you will asked for username and password.
  • User name is Your e-mail typed in registration form
  • Password is Password typed in registration form
  • click button Connect
  • After few seconds you are connected to BGVPN
  • With your browser open again a and look at the top of page. You must see something your new IP address and location.

Enjoy a freedom of